You will not able to locate the new Apple TV driver if it is lost. Apple has an unusual explanation

In addition to the new iMacs or AirTags, Apple recently introduced the next generation of Apple TV 4K. One of the major improvements in the new Siri Remote. It combines classic buttons with a touch screen for gesture control.

However, some of the first users noticed that Apple did not solve the location of the new driver in case of loss. Utilizing the possibilities of UWB technology or the new AirTag would certainly not be so complicated or expensive, and many users would appreciate the easy location within the apartment. After all, the driver is one of the things that is lost quite often.

In one of the interviews, also received an explanation from Apple. Tim Twerdahl justified the impossibility of any driver track by saying that the new version is thicker, so you simply won't fit in with the cushioning of the couch.

An explanation in the form of some technical limits or the price of the equipment could probably be expected. But such a justification is, to say the least, very misleading.

Apple creates a large number of great products, unfortunately some solutions sometimes remain wise. Whether I'm mentioning Magic Mouse charging, the missing ports on MacBooks that most users have to deal with expanding hubs, or now this strange explanation of the missing driver localization.

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