A feature in Apple's new operating system that will delight many

It seems that the new Apple operating system iOS 15 will be full of surprises and unexpected gifts after experts revealed a new feature that will delight those interested in using the Hotspot connection feature.

The iOS 15 operating system will enhance the security of the “Hotspot” Internet connection feature, with a stronger security system, WPA3. The site explained that the WP3 security system has been around for a long time, and a number of experts in the field of technologies have previously praised its efficiency, including the developer Noah Evans.

And Apple replaces the new security system, with another older version that it was using in the operating systems of its smart devices until now, which is WPA2.

Linking Twitter and Instagram

And a new feature has already appeared that has become available among the most prominent features of the iOS 15 operating system, which makes it easier for Twitter users to link their accounts on the tweet site on the one hand, and their accounts on Instagram site on the other hand.

Currently, the iOS system, with its latest version, allows the ability to share the tweet from Twitter, by publishing it via the status feature or Story on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

This new feature will obviate the need for Apple phone users to take a photo of the tweet and publish it through the Instagram Story feature.

The same tweet can now be republished, with its original link, via the Instagram Story feature, as the site explained through an illustration it published, citing those who have already tried this feature.

Focus feature

During the opening of the recently held Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC21, many features of the iOS 15 operating system were revealed. The conference highlighted features of the operating system, such as FaceTime and iMessage, as well as a feature called “Focus” or Focus, which was considered one of the most important features offered within the modern Apple operating system.

And the website Five to Nine Mac quoted José Adorno, an expert in technology, simplified steps through which the Focus or focus feature can be activated through the new Apple system.

He said that the Focus feature, gives the phone user the ability to focus on his interests, and if he wants to stay away from communication platforms, the phone is given an order to focus on other activities that the user wants to do, such as sports.

He added that the feature has several different focus modes, including Do Not Disturb and Fitness so as not to be disturbed during exercise, and Personal to focus on communicating with friends and relatives and staying away from work messages, as well as the “Sleep” mode, and the Work mode.

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