A new update for the Apple Watch includes a tool that can save your life

International reports revealed leaks about an update for the Apple Watch, which makes it more independent and contains tools that can save the lives of its owners. A report published on the specialized technical website Engadget indicated that the operating system Watch OS 8 for Apple Watch watches will for the first time break the close link between Apple watches and iPhone phones.

The update also contains a number of independent applications, which do not need iPhone phones, to operate efficiently, such as the Contacts and Tips application, which allows you to easily find any contacts in other Apple devices that you own.

The new application provides the ability to manage your contacts on the Apple Watch without any help from the iPhone.

Apple will also provide a new application called "Mind", but the sources have not yet revealed the nature of the application's work or the tasks it provides.

It will also work, according to the new update of the Apple Watch watches, health tracking technologies separately from the iPhone phones, so that it can save the life of any person without any phone next to him and alert him in the event of any health risk.

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