A patent from Xiaomi for a distinctive phone with a rotatable design

The Chinese giant Xiaomi recently registered a patent for a new version of smartphones with a rotatable design on both sides of the screen. Phone manufacturing giants are seeking to develop a new vision in the design of foldable phones, and Xiaomi has already presented its first version of the foldable phones MI MIX FOLD, and today it was revealed the Chinese giant's vision of a new phone featuring a screen that supports rotation.

The rotatable Xiaomi phone features a design that supports rotating and dragging from both sides of the screen, and also supports sliding inward to simulate the design of smartphones. Also, when pulling one side of the screen, the device features 16:9 dimensions, to support the user in watching video content, and to extend the screen at a smaller size compared to pulling the two sides of the screen.

The device also simulates the size of the tablet when the two sides of the screen are pulled to support the user in design and reading tasks. It is noteworthy that Oppo presented a rotatable phone model during the past year entitled Oppo X 2021, and LG previously revealed the LG Rollable phone model with a rotatable screen before the company withdrew from the competition in the phone market, and the company’s direction to focus on developing this design in TVs.

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