A special Xiaomi group has newly solved the problems of people with MIUI

Many of our readers may not even know it, but the Chinese company Xiaomi was originally founded as a software company. Its MIUI environment has been one of the best additions to the Android system from the beginning. Only on the basis of this software success did the company decide to produce phones, and we know the rest of this story well. At present, however, it is paradoxically mainly a system that bothers users of phones of this brand. Especially during updates and statuses after them. From now on, the problems directly related to MIUI will be solved by a newly formed group of Xiaomi employees. It will be called MIUI Pioneer Group.

The establishment of this working team was announced by representatives of the company a few hours ago at Weibo. The group, which will have the task of solving user problems with the Xiaomi superstructure, was supposedly formed sometime a week ago. The whole thing sounds like strengthening the support that Xiaomi should have caught even under normal circumstances. In any case, this is good news for customers. We will see how the results of the work of MIUI Pioneer Group will be reflected externally. The first reported problems should probably be addressed by this team after the introduction of this extension in version 13.

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