LG and Samsung start producing iPhone 13 screens

A report by TheElec, a technology specialist, stated that Samsung Display began producing OLED panels for use in the iPhone 13 in the middle of the month, while LG Display began production recently, and sources told the newspaper that the two companies began production earlier than last year at the request of Apple.

The sources added that Apple is likely trying to avoid any lag in the components of the iPhone 13 by securing components such as OLED panels earlier, and Samsung plans to manufacture 80 million units of OLED panels for the new iPhone, while LG will make 30 million units, and from The new version of the Apple, the phone is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year 2021.

Apple surpassed Samsung in smartphone sales in the last quarter of last year, and the American company achieved growth in iPhone sales by 22%, and observers attributed the main reason to the launch of the iPhone 12 series of phones with the feature of supporting connectivity to 5G networks for the first time in iPhone phones.

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