All you need to know about the second trial version of Android 12

Google is heading to launch the second public beta version of Android 12, in an update that brings features that were announced at I / O last month such as the Privacy Dashboard. It will also add kill switches for the microphone and camera, an indicator to show when these sensors are used and an updated look at the WiFi network settings.

The privacy dashboard provides an overview of how apps on your device use sensors such as your camera, microphone, and GPS.

It shows a chart at the top of how much it's been used in the last 24 hours, followed by lists of all the apps that have access to each one. You can also get a timeline view of sensor activity and request explanations from apps about why they need your data.

With the new camera and microphone toggle under Quick Settings, Android 12 will provide an easy way to terminate all these sensors for even more peace of mind so that no one is outrageously listening to your conversations.

When these apps are turned on, Google said the apps will "receive a blank camera and audio feeds, and the system notifies the user to enable access to use the app's features." Android 12 will also display a little dot in the status bar if these sensors are used, so you'll know if an app has turned on the microphone, for example.

Other updates coming to the second public beta of Android 12 include a modified interface that shows available WiFi networks in a popup panel when long-pressing the icon in quick settings. You'll also be taken to a separate page to see available connections, but the new experience lets you stay on the same page, as the popup takes up only the bottom two-thirds of the screen.

Android 12 will also be more transparent about which apps get information from your clipboard, and this latest beta will display a notification at the bottom of the screen if an app other than the one you copied from reads that.

There are still big changes coming to Google's mobile operating system that hasn't been released in public beta yet, including materials you design that will adapt your system's color scheme to your chosen background. 

But things like haptic feedback paired with audio for richer or more immersive experiences are still waiting for the developer to implement as well. But the second public beta of Android 12 seems to give a preview of more functional changes to come, particularly on the privacy side. If you want to check it out, and don't mind potentially unstable software, you can sign up for the beta on Google.

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