Android 12 for all applications to display the same sharing options

Google will no longer allow third-party applications to have their own share menu, the menu that appears the moment you press the share button and allows you to share photos, videos, links, or any other content, this means that all applications will have The same Android sharing sheet, unlike Android 11, where different apps offer different sharing lists.

According to a report from XDA Developers, In Android 12, Google no longer allows third-party apps to set themselves as the default share sheet.

In response to a ticket raised by the developer of Sharedr - the app that “improves sharing on Android, a Google representative said, We never intended, in fact, to allow apps to replace the sharing dialog, and that the intention is for apps to launch a share dialogue, where the ability to replace Sharing dialog is also increasingly impossible - you can't implement the direct sharing part of the UI, nor profile versus work profile tabs in R, etc.

And Google recently announced the Android 12 operating system, as the beta version of the operating system is available for phones from 11 different brands, and the Android 12 operating system will completely change the appearance of the Android phone with the new Material You UI design, and the interface comes with new color options, animations, square designs, and more.

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