Android 12 will bring great trivia. You will appreciate it when calling

Although the new Android 12 was revealed to us a few weeks ago at the Google I / O conference, developers are still discovering interesting news in its beta versions. Last time we informed you about the new look of the icons (which, however, will go off) and now we have another little thing that will please everyone who calls often.

Android 12 and on-screen call time

So deliberately. Have you ever caught yourself calling a friend for much longer than you'd like? It happens, for example, in situations where you are on the phone with someone and you are doing other things, such as going through social networks. Time flies like water and when you end the call, you are afraid of how long it actually lasted. This time will be visible at the top of the screen in Android 12 , so you can (perhaps) avoid these situations.

This feature will probably be available not only for traditional calls but also for other applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, or Google Duo. However, whether it will get into individual superstructures is a question. We will have to wait at least until the manufacturers release the first beta version for their phones.

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