Apple MacBook Pro release date revealed

Technical expert, Mark Gorman revealed his expectations regarding the launch of the MacBook Pro device, which Apple may introduce later in 2021. According to the Nine to Five Mac website, Gorman revealed through a report on the website of the agency Bloomberg, that although the majority of recent releases Apple reveals in the fall period, the opportunity for the MacBook Pro device will arrive. Still in place before the end of 2021.

In his report, Gorman revealed a number of key specifications expected to be introduced within the new MacBook Pro device, including a dedicated slot for the HDMI connection and an SD card slot, in addition to MagSafe magnetic technology.

And in a previous report, to Bloomberg Agency, it was mentioned that the “MacBook Pro” will have eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores, which are available in either 16 or 32 basic graphics options.

Hopes were that Apple would announce new MacBook Pro models at WWDC, but the keynote didn't say anything about that.

According to the latest forecasts, the device will be launched in the third quarter of 2021. These forecasts are based on claims from Apple suppliers that shipments of the new device begin in the third quarter of the year, which runs from July to September of this year.

However, there is no absolute clarity on whether these shipments refer to the new MacBook Pro or separate components of the laptops. Rumors indicated that WWDC was going to make more product announcements, and possibly new MacBook Pro models.

But after not being mentioned at the conference, the device has now been delayed until the third quarter of 2021. That's according to various reports from media outlets such as DigiTimes and Nikkei Asia. Apple is expected to release two new MacBook Pro models later in 2021. With shipments starting in the third quarter.

Upcoming specifications

These supply chain reports regarding delays in mass production of Apple's new MacBook Pro models indicate that the company is getting enough time to announce its release before the end of the year. The new MacBook Pro models are expected to change a few things. It may be equipped with a brighter Mini LED display and an improved design with a more streamlined top and bottom. On top of that, the models bring some controls that were absent on the 2016 MacBook Pro models, including an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and a magnetic charging port.

Reports also indicate that the physical function keys are returning to replace the Touch Bar. The information indicated that Apple's new redesigned 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are powered by the M1X chip, which is a faster version of the M1 chip.

The m1x MacBook Pro was mentioned as one of the brands listed by Apple in a WWDC main video via YouTube. Other tags included iOS 15, M1X, iOS, Developer Conference, and more. After the release of the M1 silicon chip in November, theories are that the M1X is Apple's redesigned chip for the new MacBook Pro models.

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