Apple presents the iPhone 13 series this year in orange

Apple is keen to push a new choice in colors with the launch of each new generation of iPhone phones, and the latest iPhone 13 3D images have confirmed that the color offered for this year's versions is orange. Apple added the blue color last year in the choices available for iPhone phones, and also introduced the green color the year before, and this year is no different from previous years, as Apple will have a new choice in the colors provided for the iPhone 13 series.

Three-dimensional images were published today via “Ian Zelbo”, who explained the design of the upcoming iPhone 13 in orange, as the phone appears in a very light tone, but Apple offers the new color often with two tones.

Apple presented iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max phones last year in Pacific blue, while my 12 and 12 mini came with a lower concentration of blue.

Apple also followed the same policy in the iPhone 11 series, introducing two green tones, Midnight and Traditional Green.

And the three-dimensional images confirm that the light orange color is offered for the main iPhone 13, so it is expected that Apple will offer my 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max phones with another model of orange, or these versions may launch in bronze.

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