Apple Watch 3 has become a problem for Apple

The Apple Watch Series 3 released in 2017 has become a persistent problem for Apple. It has also turned into a problem for developers. Updating a smartwatch has become difficult, and it is impossible to install watchOS updates through it without having to restore the entire device first. In addition to not providing the experience users expect, Apple Watch Series 3 also annoys some developers. Developers are forced to support the old format even if these apps no longer perform as well in terms of hourly performance. The question remains why Apple sells this product if it is barely able to get updates.

What can Apple do about it?

The watch is about 4 years old, but it still looks good for the average customer, as it is relatively cheap. And for those who aren't interested in all the things the Apple Watch Series 6 can do, it's an acceptable $199. The biggest problem is that Apple offers a model with only 8GB of storage. And if a customer buys an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, they won't have any trouble using the watch, since it has 16GB of storage, more than enough to update the smartwatch.

So, if you own the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple will likely give you at least another year of a software update with watchOS 8. Meanwhile, if you own an Apple Watch Series 3 now, you may feel frustrated about having to get your new watch back for a refresh every two months. The best thing Apple could do right now would be to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3, give it another year of watchOS updates, and slash Apple Watch SE prices by about 10 percent.

There is also precedent since Apple slashed the prices of the original Apple Watch before the Apple Watch Series 2 was announced. Aside from letting users know they have to restore their Apple Watch Series 3 to update it, the company is able to offer a software update that takes up less storage space.

Apple Watch SE is the answer

Given that we're only a few days away from WWDC 2021, Apple could announce what it plans to do with the Apple Watch Series 3 very soon. And the Apple Watch Series 3 brought useful additions to the watch. But the lack of storage is now more of an issue than just providing it to customers who want to try out the Apple Watch for the first time. The company's focus, for now, should be on the faster and more capable Apple Watch SE. This is in light of the difference in price between the two watches does not exceed $100.

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