BOE showcases a sliding OLED display at ICDDT

During the ICTT conference today, BOE revealed a prototype of a device with a flexible OLED screen that supports sliding. BOE reviewed the sliding design in a device model that includes a flexible OLED screen, but the company did not provide many details on the screen panel that was shown at the conference, but the external screen features a 4mm curvature, with dynamic scrolling.

The BOE live show also confirms that the screen does not include any wrinkle when sliding or when extending, which are the most important features that distinguish screens with a sliding design compared to foldable screens.

The BOE sliding screen also mimics the design that was presented by Oppo in the Oppo X 2021 sliding screen phone model, and Oppo has previously confirmed that BOE is the supplier of the screen of this model of its smartphones.

It is reported that LG is also one of the companies developing sliding OLED screens, and the company has already reviewed a model of a distinctive phone with a sliding screen before the company finally decided to exit the competition. TCL also presented a model of a distinctive device with a sliding screen.

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