Eufy launches SoloCam series surveillance cameras at competitive prices

Anker's Eufy brand unveiled its new line of SoloCam cameras, which are designed to work independently without the need to connect to a hub for storage and come with an internal storage capacity. The new SoloCam series of cameras include two of the main versions that are launched under the title Essential with two spotlights cameras, with a version that supports solar energy.

The main versions of SoloCam cameras also come with a resolution of 1080 pixels or 2K, and Eufy also confirms that the battery lasts with a charging life of up to 4 months at a time of charging, and all versions also come with an internal storage capacity of 8 GB, where Eufy indicates that this The capacity supports content storage for about two months.

Pre-orders for the SoloCam cameras will begin on Wednesday, with shipments to begin in the coming months.

SoloCam Prices

  • SoloCam 1080p Essential is about $100 and available in mid-June.
  • SoloCam 2K Essential is $130 and available at the end of June
  • SoloCam 1080p Spotlight is $150 and available in mid-July
  • SoloCam 2K Spotlight is $170 and available at the end of July
  • SoloCam Solar is $200 and available in mid-August.


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