Fossil does not plan to upgrade existing versions to update Wear OS

Fossil brand confirmed in a recent interview with CNET that the company is not currently planning to update the company's current versions of smartwatches to the new version of Wear OS. Google and Samsung held a partnership during the last period to integrate Wear OS and Tizen systems into the upcoming Samsung watches, and with many looking to upgrade the current versions of Fossil watches, the company recently made statements denying any plans to launch updates at the present time.

Fossil also confirmed that the new features in Wear OS will be available in the company's next version of Fossil Gen 6, which launches later this year.

Greg McKelvey, chief commercial officer and vice president of Steve Prokup, added that the Fossil Gen 6 watch will have all the features and software provided by Google, and the smartwatch comes with an upgrade in internal configurations, with faster performance, and longer battery life.

Fossil also clarified that the company continues to push a distinct set of smartwatch designs that include buttons, a crown, or other features of the insert in the smartwatch, and it is also expected that the Fossil Gen 6 will launch at a higher pricing level compared to the current versions.

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