Gartner expects the global shortage of electronic chips to continue until the second quarter of 2022

Gartner, a technology market research company, revealed that it expects the shortage in semiconductor supplies worldwide to continue until 2021, and is likely to return to normal levels by the second quarter of 2022, said Kanishka Chauhan, the principal research analyst at Gartner. The shortfall in semiconductor supplies will lead to severe disruption in supply chains that will limit manufacturers' ability to produce many types of electronic equipment and devices in 2021.

The shortage of chips began primarily with devices such as power management equipment, monitors, and microcontrollers, which are made on old nodes in forges on 8-inch casting lines, which have limited production capacity, and the shortage has now extended to other devices, until there are limitations capacity, substrates shortages, wiring, inert components, materials, and testing capabilities, all of which are parts of the supply chain that lie outside chip manufacturing, industries closely associated with FMCG production, with low flexibility to handle and little ability to invest further during Shortly.

In most categories, hardware shortages are expected to continue into the second quarter of 2022, while capacity and pillar constraints are likely to extend into the fourth quarter of 2022, and Gartner analysts recommend that OEMs, who rely directly or indirectly on, On Semiconductors, Four Measures to Mitigating Risk and Reducing Revenue Loss During the Global Chip Shortage.

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