Google adds an Apple-specific feature to the upcoming Android update

Leaks continue about the features and specifications of the upcoming Android update, which will come with an interesting feature inspired by the iOS system that allows the user to find his lost phone even if it is not connected to the Internet, according to what new technical reports revealed.

Google has inspired the Android Find My Device feature from its competitor, Apple, which allows users to search for a stolen or lost phone without being connected to the Internet. And the Android and IOS systems contain the feature to find the lost phone.

However, this feature requires the lost phone to be connected to the Internet in Android phones, unlike Apple phones that use this feature without an Internet connection; The company is building a network that allows the phone to be located without having to connect it to the Internet, which is very useful.

Google imitated Apple and provided the Android system with the feature to locate the stolen phone without the Internet, which allows the phone owner to locate his lost phone without having to wait for it to connect to the Internet.

The company did not provide details about how the feature works, but it is expected that the details of its work will become clear in the coming period.

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