Google unveils the first beta version of Android 12

Google revealed the first beta version of the new operating system Android 12, which is now available for a large number of devices.

The Android 12 system features a completely new interface, and it also comes with a significant change in the notification bar and control patterns, and perhaps the most prominent addition aimed at satisfying game enthusiasts, as the new system comes with “Game Mode”, which provides a range of new features.

According to IT Home, users can activate the gaming mode through the Android 12 settings interface by entering the “Notifications” menu and then “Do Not Disturb”, and by selecting Schedules, the user chooses to activate “Gaming Mode”.

After activating the feature, the new features of the game mode appear, where it is possible to view the FPS rate, screen recording, screenshots and live game screens, which aims to improve the user experience while playing.

The new features will include the ability to record internal or external audio, or a combination of the two.

To compete with Apple, Google introduced privacy features in the Android 12 update, which include a new privacy dashboard, more control over camera and microphone sensors, sharing of approximate location, a safe box for machine learning tasks on the device, and new password management tools.

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