Introducing the next iPad mini with a design similar to iPad Air

Apple is preparing soon to unveil the iPad mini6, as the event of the leak revealed that the new version of the iPad mini comes with the same design as the iPad Air. Many previous reports revealed Apple’s plans to support the iPad mini 6 this year with a new design, and the leaks confirm that the design of the iPad mini 6 is similar to the iPad Air for the year 2020 with a smaller size, as the main button disappears from the design of the device, so the device comes with distinctive edges with a thinner design.

The device comes with the same flat design of the edges that characterize the iPad Air, while the fingerprint sensor technology comes in the main power button.

It is expected that Apple will provide improvements in the speakers, and Apple replaces the Lightning connector in the device with a USB C port, and the new version of the iPad mini is scheduled to be available in silver, black, and gold colors. 

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