Kobi Platec launches air sterilizer and deodorizer for vehicles

Kobi Platec, a company specializing in plasma technology, has launched 'Xpla Mini', an air sterilizer and deodorizer for vehicles. Eco-friendly patented technology 'Real Bulk Plasma' is applied to sterilize and deodorize the air, helping to manage the air quality inside the vehicle and prevent life at the same time.

The new vehicle air sterilizer and deodorizer Xpla Mini is equipped with smart plasma care technology, carbon deodorization, and pre-filter.

Cobiplatek's proprietary technology Real Bulk Plasma technology, the four major pathogenic bacteria (super bacteria MRSA/pneumococcus/E. It sterilizes more than 99.9% of carbon dioxide, and carbon deodorization and pre-filter help remove volatile organic compounds and harmful gases

Xpla Mini is a '365 Clean Mobility' solution that effectively takes care of both new car syndrome and old car syndrome.

It removes toluene and volatile organic compounds emitted from chemical interior materials such as dashboards, seat seats, and finishing materials of new cars, and sterilizes bacteria and viruses in polluted places such as floor mats of old cars and air conditioner vents, as well as various living odors. You can experience the indoor air.

In addition, the Xpla Mini operates with a simple car cigarette lighter jack connection method, and it is convenient to check the power status through the LED display on the top of the product.

In addition, it has a stylish whale-type design and can be stably installed on the armrest next to the driver's seat or behind the headrest using the fixed belt provided at the time of purchase.

Kobiplatek's plasma air sterilization technology is characterized by little ozone generation, which has been the biggest problem in existing plasma-type air sterilizers.

As a result of the ozone generation test by the nationally accredited institution KTL (Korea Testing Laboratory), the safety was verified to be below the natural state level, which is much lower than the 'good' level among the ozone forecast grades of the Ministry of Environment, below 0.002PPM.

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