Learn about the specifications of the new Huawei P50 phone

The Chinese company, Huawei has officially unveiled its new and innovative operating system, HarmonyOS, which will be an alternative to Google's Android system, after disputes with the United States. And the company showed a clip of only 45 seconds, before the end of the event, in which it was excited for its next phone, the P50, and the company gave a first look at its upcoming phones from this series, and provided a few specifications about it, and did not talk about prices or eagerness for the release date.

In its short presentation, Huawei revealed a close look at the camera matrix in the upcoming phone, showing four camera lenses, in addition to two flashes. The image confirms that Huawei is working in conjunction with the German company Leica Lenses.

The company claims that it is taking mobile photography to a new level, and given that the camera bump appears to have increased compared to the P40 Pro Plus, it seems logical that Huawei is seeking to add some sensors and larger lenses in the Huawei P50 compared to the P40 Pro Plus.

Richard Yu, CEO of the company, said during the event that the Huawei P50 series has a lightweight design and an innovative design language, while he did not reveal the official launch date of the device due to the suffering of “Huawei” and other companies with the problem of lack of phone chips.

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