Learn how to install the trial version of iOS 15

Apple introduced a set of new features for its upcoming update to the iOS mobile operating system iOS 15, which is the beta version from the developer is now available to anyone who wants to download it, so we provide ways to install the new version.

And in a mandatory warning, Apple said that this version of iOS 15 will be new and beta, so if you are a developer you know all this, but it is worth repeating so it is better to install it on a different phone than the one you rely on.

You can find the iOS 15 beta for developers on the Apple developer site.

You will of course have to log in, you may be asked to register your device if it is not already registered.

Find the iOS 15 profile by choosing Downloads (either from the button in the upper right corner, or using the two-line drop-down menu at the top left).

Find the iOS profile, and allow the download.

Once the profile has been downloaded, go to Settings on your device and search for Downloaded Profile and follow the instructions. 

You will be asked to reboot and then you should be able to install the update available in Settings then General then Software Update.

If you're not registered as an Apple developer don't worry - there will be a public beta available for download sometime in July. 

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