LG begins launching LG QNED Mini LED TVs in global markets in July

LG is preparing to launch LG QNED Mini LED TVs in the global markets next July. LG will begin launching the new generation of QNED Mini LED TVs, which include 8K QNED99, QNED95 series, and 4K QNED90 series, in global markets starting from July 2021.

LG devices come with Quantum Dot NanoCell technology in colors, with Mini LED backlight technology, with black color with greater depth, and the screen supports higher color reproduction.

The TVs also include LED lighting in a smaller size in the back screen to support improved contrast, brightness, as well as the production of immersive black color with greater depth, and the 86-inch 8K TV is scheduled to include 30,000 LED lighting, which supports 2500 blackout centers, i.e. higher of LCD TVs.

The LG QNED Mini LED TVs also come in sizes ranging from 65 to 86 inches, with the devices initially being launched in North American markets, and then more markets later.

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