LG stops making phones and turns the factory into a home appliances factory

LG officially confirmed its exit from the mobile sector in early April, but it needed some time to wind down its operations. And now, according to reports from Korea, today is the last day for production of LG phones and tablets.

The company will continue to support existing hardware for some time to come, and the premium versions will get three years of software support. Some versions (including Q series phones) will have Android 12, and the latest premium versions are expected to reach Android 13. Users will be able to receive after-sales service for 4 years from the date of manufacture of the device.

The LG Electronics factory, dedicated to making smart phones in Vietnam, will convert to manufacturing home appliances. LG has already shifted some of its production capacity to home appliances as a way to preserve jobs for smartphone factory workers, and the remaining workers will be reassigned from phone lines by the end of July.

It is worth noting that the factory was established in Haiphong in 2015 to manufacture TVs, mobile phones and appliances in general. Its two sister companies, LG Innotek and LG Display, produce camera and display units there.

LG was supposed to sell a limited number of LG Velvet 2 Pro foldable phones (about 3,000 units) to employees, however, it didn't go as planned.

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