LG's patent for a TV with a screen that can be rotated horizontally from both sides

LG recently registered a new patent for a TV that comes with a rotatable screen on both sides, and it also comes with a small design. During the last period, LG emerged from the competition in the smartphone market, but the company continues to develop the rotatable design in screens, as it was revealed that LG's vision in designing a new TV was revealed.

The design of the LG TV features an OLED screen that supports rotating on both sides, so this design is different from what LG previously presented in the TV that features a screen that supports rotating in one side.

A report from LetsGoDigital confirmed that the giant screen manufacturer LG won a prize for this design in the patent, where the TV simulates the design of the loudspeaker after rotating the two sides of the screen inward, and the TV screen can be pulled from one side to open the TV on both sides automatically.

It is reported that LG has already presented the LG Signature OLED TV R, which features a rotatable screen inside a base, so the new design differs, which extends with a rectangular design on both sides and the screen is rotated inward from both sides horizontally, and the screen has dimensions of 16:9.

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