Micronics selected as Nuri hit brand in 3 categories

Products of Hanmi Micronics (CEO: Hyeon-Min Kang, hereafter Micronics) made a splendid achievement in being selected as a hit brand of Enuri, a price comparison site. The products selected as the hit brands include power supplies, PC cases, and gaming keyboards, which are the main products and have been consistently recognized for their performance and functions, especially among consumers.

Enuri, a price comparison site, selects products selected by consumers in the first and second half of every year. Again this year, a number of companies were selected as hit brands in various fields such as digital, home appliance, computer, and life, and Micronics achieved a feat of winning awards in three computer categories.

'Micronics Coolmax Focus' series that won the Nuri hit brand power supply category in the first half of 2021

First, the 'Coolmax Focus Series', which won the hit brand in the power supply category, is gaining popularity as a power supply product with excellent cost-effectiveness. By applying the power factor correction circuit (Active-PFC), the output efficiency was increased and the efficiency of up to 85% was achieved. Based on this, 80 PLUS 230V EU certification was obtained. It can respond flexibly to the latest PC systems with its excellent output.

In addition to output, Taiwan-made 105 degree capacitors, which have a lifespan of 4 times longer than that of general capacitors, and a protection circuit to protect the product from internal and external electrical hazards, etc. It is also characterized by enhanced quietness with a low-noise cooling fan for comfortable PC system use. The Coolmax Focus consists of two lineups, 500W and 600W, and can be selected according to the PC system environment. 

'Micronics Master M60 Mesh' won the Enuri hit brand PC case category in the first half of 2021

The 'Micronics Master M60 Mesh', which won the hit brand in the PC case category, is one of the flagship products recognized by consumers for its space utilization and expandability in addition to its excellent design. A total of 6 cooling fans are placed inside to maintain smooth airflow. RGB LEDs were applied to the front and rear cooling fans to add a splendid look, and the front of the case was designed with a mesh (mesh) design in consideration of aesthetics and cooling performance.

Space is also an attractive point. It supports graphics cards up to 325mm in length, and air coolers up to 175mm in height can be installed. The storage device supports up to 4 2.5-inch and up to 2 3.5-inch storage devices, and 3 USB ports and headphone/earphone ports are arranged to connect external devices with ease.

'Micronics Manic X50' won the Enuri hit brand gaming keyboard category in the first half of 2021

The product that won the gaming keyboard category is 'Micronics Manic X50'. It responds to sensitive gaming environments by securing a 0.2ms response while applying the 4th generation optical axis, and it has durability by providing a lifespan of about 100 million clicks. It is characterized by the fact that it is free from problems that occur while eating as a waterproof design is added to major elements such as the substrate and frame.

Convenience has also been enhanced. Multimedia function control using function keys and LED mode setting are possible. Double-injection PBT material with enhanced abrasion resistance and sharpness is used for keycaps. In order to enhance the feel and durability, the keycaps are made with a thickness of 1.3 to 1.5 mm, which is thicker than normal keycaps.

Regarding the Enuri Hit Brand Award in the first half of 2021, Micronics CEO Kang Hyun-min said, “Based on the steady love of consumers, I think that we have achieved significant results in the first half of this year. Micronics will continue to strive to become a representative gaming company in Korea by introducing various products suitable for domestic and overseas environments.”

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