Nintendo is preparing to launch a new version of the Switch game console within the next two weeks

Nintendo is expected to announce the new console in the Switch in the next two weeks, as this is according to a new report claiming that the Switch Pro that is rumored to be almost ready for the first time, and according to a new Bloomberg report, the console will land in September or October.

But it looks like the console is ready to be revealed much sooner than that. Impressively, Nintendo is expected to announce the new console before the E3 gaming conference which kicks off on June 12, this is said to give Nintendo developers the opportunity to showcase. The entire collection of Switch games" at the event.

The device is expected to cost more than the £279 / $299 Nintendo Switch, and according to the new report, Nintendo will be discontinuing the current Switch, but the £199 / $199 Switch Lite is expected to remain on sale.

The original Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, to great success, at the moment, the Nintendo Switch can only play Full HD 1080p games while docked or HD 720p in handheld mode.

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