Officially Realme launches the Realme 8 series with a pure 108MP ultra-developed camera and groundbreaking performance

Realme, the world's fastest-growing brand in the field of smartphone technology and artificial intelligence products announced the official launch of three of its most advanced smartphones at once, in the Egyptian market, led by the company's latest releases of the number series. For its Realme 8 & Realme 8 Pro smartphones, which have highly advanced operational and entertainment capabilities, in addition to the Realme C25 phone, the best ever for gamers looking for smart phones at an affordable price. This was in a virtual celebration that was broadcast across the company’s various platforms on social networking sites Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Phones that can change

Hisham Moharram, director of the marketing sector and official spokesperson for Realme Egypt, confirmed that the company succeeded in gaining the trust of 70 million users of its smartphones, including 40 million for the number series, explaining that Realme will provide a free AMOLED warranty service for a year on the screen of my Realme 8 and Realme Pro 8 phones for all. Customers who purchase during the period from 1 to 15 June 2021 according to the purchase invoice issued by the officially authorized service center.

Realme 8 Pro is the first phone with 108MP and 50W SuperDart charger in Egypt

The Realme 8 Pro phone is called the Flagship Combo because it comes with many amazing specifications. The most prominent of them is that it comes with a quad-camera, the main one comes with a Samsung HM2 sensor with a resolution of 108 megapixels, ultra-clear, which gives you the ability to capture full details and quality images thanks to the technology of merging 9 pixels into one pixel, and the feature of zooming up to 3 times 3X- In-sensor Zoom, in addition to its ability to capture 8 frames of images in a row, and processed to produce images of the highest clarity and accuracy.

The Realme 8 pro is the world's first smartphone that supports Tilt-shift Time-lapse video shooting, Tilt-shift Mode that turns the real world into a miniature world with magical features, as well as a "Dual View" video mode that allows recording from the front cameras And the background at the same time, and other amazing photographic features and capabilities.

Super AMOLED display and Snapdragon 720G processor

Realme 8 pro comes with a 6.4 inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen with fingerprint unlock technology, Android 11 operating system, and the fastest, safer, and smoother Realme UI 2.0 user interface, Snapdragon 720G processor, ultra-high quality, 4500 mAh giant battery, and charger Fast 50W SuperDart charges 50% of the battery in just 17 minutes. All with a bolder slimmer design at 8.1m in size and lighter at 176g, with the Dare to Leap logo on the back of the phone using consumer-favorite AG-Crystal technology that provides a seamless feel while holding and using the phone all at a competitive price of EGP 5,690

Realme 8 is the most powerful phone in the middle price category with the Helio G95 gaming processor

It is the best in the middle price category of fewer than 5 thousand pounds, as it comes with a game processor (MediaTek Helio G95) and a 64-megapixel ultra-clear quad-camera supported by artificial intelligence technologies, with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen to ensure a very clear view from all angles, and a giant battery 5000 mAh and a 30W SuperDart fast charger that charges 50% of the battery in just 26 minutes, as well as an advanced cooling system based on the presence of copper liquid, not carbon fiber, which increases the cooling efficiency by 14.4% and maintains and maintains the speed of the phone’s performance, in addition For a slimmer, modern design, measuring 8 m and weighing 177 g, with the "Dare to Leap" logo on the back of the phone and a competitive price of 4,690 EGP

Realme C25 is the most powerful gaming phone with a 6000mAh, 48MP camera, under 3000 pounds

Realme also launched its C25 phone, nicknamed the Gamer Level Monster, for its superior capabilities in running games for the longest period without cutting, as it comes with an Helio G70 game processor, a giant 6000 mAh battery, and an 18W fast charger, in addition to a 48-megapixel triple camera enhanced by artificial intelligence technology. Smartphones from TUVRheinland, which confirm the phone's ability to withstand various conditions and shocks, and the quality of all the materials used in its production. Which makes it the best ever in the economic price category, 2,790 pounds.

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