Samsung offers the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a lower pricing level than the current version

Preparing the giant Korea to launch a version new of phones the company removable folding ,  today unveiled the latest leaks about the phone  Galaxy Z Fold 3  comes the level of pricing is less than the current version of the company.                      

Did not specify the report which is published today the price, which kicks off its phone  Galaxy Z Fold 3  Removable folding in the market during the period coming,  but the report confirms the plans of the giant Korean to reach by phone  Galaxy Z Fold 3  to base larger than the users of this year through the reduction of the price , which kicks off its market phone.                                     

Also shows the report that Samsung may tend to reduce the price of  Galaxy Z Fold 3  and  Galaxy Z Flip 3  this year by  20%,  so you may come phone Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a price less than the value of  400  dollars compared to phone Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was launched markets at the price of  1999  dollars.      

From the side of another indicate expectations to the Samsung back this year to launch the model featured a capacity of storing  256  GB MB of phone  Galaxy Z Fold 3,  also provides model with a capacity of up to  512  GB MB of phone  Galaxy Z Flip 3.                           

Mentions that the leaks that came so far pointed to plans Samsung to hold a conference to announce for versions new of phones removable folding in an event held in the month of August, so we look for more details in the announcement expected in the coming period.           

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