Samsung patents the foldable Galaxy Z Fold Tab

The Korean giant recently registered a patent for its foldable tablet, Galaxy Z Fold Tab, with a design that supports triple folding. Samsung continues to develop devices and smartphones with a foldable design, and today a new model for tablets with a triple folding design was revealed, which was monitored in the WIPO database.

The three-dimensional images of the Galaxy Z Fold Tab illustrate Samsung's new vision in the design of multiple foldable screens, as the patent was published during the month of May 2021, and Samsung also applied to register the patent in the United States Intellectual Property Office (USPTO).

LetsGoDigital also released 3D images of the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, which are based on the drawing in the patent files, as well as the details that appear on the device.

The design of the device confirms that it will not need a cover due to the distinctive foldable design of the device, and the distinctive brand of this device has not been officially confirmed, but expectations indicate that the device may come with the title Galaxy Z Flex or Galaxy Z Fold Tab.

The foldable tablet design also includes a site dedicated to the S Pen, but the device is in the first stage so far, as the Korean giant has not officially confirmed its plans to implement this design on the ground.

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