Samsung supports its smartwatches with Wear OS from Google

The South Korean company Samsung said that it will cooperate with Google of America to create a platform for its smartwatches called Wear after it announced that it was abandoning the Tizen system in the upcoming Galaxy Watch.

The company has designed features and functionality that will be better for any Wear OS smartwatch through complete software control, according to tech news site Sam Mobile.

The two companies are cooperating to create a new unified platform for smartwatches, where Google will get its own operating system in the best smartwatches, while Samsung will get access to the system developed for Android.

Samsung has also been able to obtain a major concession from Google under which the One UI software will be used in its new smartwatches that make the Android system better, and the following Galaxy Watch models will benefit by providing a separate version of Google Maps, which will not require the phone to be turned on. With YouTube Music fetching downloads offline, a feature that was also supported in Spotify.

The upcoming smartwatches are set to benefit from the close collaboration between Samsung and Google, while retaining the power of Android and designing Samsung smartwatches that retain its distinctive design elements, such as the rotating bezel and custom leather.

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