SanDisk launches Pro-Dock 4 . memory card reader module

Western Digital's SanDisk brand has unveiled a memory card reader unit called Pro-Dock 4 that supports memory card reading at the same time. SanDisk introduced the Pro-Dock 4 memory card reader to support professionals in mixing up to 4 memory cards and matching the four models so that the cards can be read simultaneously via a computer connection.

The SanDisk Pro-Dock 4 memory card reader unit connects to computers via a Thunderbolt 3 cable, and SanDisk also confirms that the unit can support card formats including CFast, CFexpress, Red's Mini-Mags, CF, microSD, as well as SD.

The models are also available individually to support the user to mix cards with different capacities. For example, three Red Mini-Mag cards can be loaded with a combo SD, microSD, or CF card, and 4 CFast memory readers can be loaded, and the user can only change the models as an alternative to changing The unit is complete.

The user will also be able to output one of the memory card reader models for independent use that supports the connection independently via the USB-C port at a speed of 10 Gbps. The multi-SD/microSD card reader will start at about $80, the Red Mini-Mag reader will cost $200, while the SanDisk Pro-Dock 4 unit will be priced at $500.

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