The durable Motorola Defy smartphone is returning and heading straight for Czech market

Durable smartphones have never been very busy with the rankings of the best-selling smartphones, but they still have better times behind them, when not only buyers but also the manufacturers themselves were interested in them. In addition to an inexhaustible number of Chinese manufacturers, sometimes such a model also appeared in the offer of more renowned manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola. It is the history of smartphones bearing the Motorola logo, or at one time just "Moto", that is relatively rich in this armor. At one time, Motorola even regularly came up with durable versions of its TOP models. And then there was the Defy line…

Will the Defy series experience a renaissance?

And it was Motorola Defy that was the first Android smartphone to offer water resistance, it was written in 2010. This was followed by several successors bearing this name before Motorola put the line on the ice for a long 8 years. However, the manufacturer decided to dust off the once well-known name and the novelty will offer not only IP68 certification, which is currently not so exceptional. In addition, the novelty should have a structure capable of withstanding a fall from 6 feet (approximately 182 cm) to hard ground. You will also enjoy the use of Gorilla Glass Victus, which is currently the best Corning has to offer. The novelty is definitely one of the smartphones that give their resilience a hint at first glance. In addition to the large frames around the display, we have an overall massive construction with a rubberized back with a rough texture.

Motorola Defy 2021

As for the equipment, definitely don't look forward to any flagship, as the specifications correspond to the current lower class - in fact, it is practically the already well-known basic Motorola G9 Play smartphone. On the other hand, the smartphone will be a sufficient machine for less demanding users, where hardware is second only. From our point of view, the biggest potential weakness is the 6.5 ″ IPS display. Not only does it offer only HD + resolution, but it's also quite large, which combined with the massive design means that the Motorola Defy will be a good chunk of a smartphone. Specifically, the dimensions are 168.9 x 78.2 x 11 mm and the weight has stabilized at 230 grams. The neck strap also experienced reincarnation.

The older Snapdragon 662 takes care of the performance together with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Of the three cameras on the back, practically only one can be used, namely the primary one with a resolution of 48 MPx. Furthermore, a 2MPx macro camera and a depth of field sensor should be represented here. The battery should have a capacity of 5,000 mAh, which is more than enough for the hardware. Fortunately, the manufacturer has not forgotten about NFC and the fingerprint reader, so it will be convenient to pay in stores with new products. According to information from some vendors, the start of sales of the Motorola Defy smartphone is planned for 7.7. However, you can already pre-order your smartphone for CZK 6,990 with VAT. You can choose from 2 color variants - pure black and black/green.

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