The lack of Galaxy S21 FE configurations pushes Samsung to postpone the announcement date

A group of recently published reports confirmed that Samsung decided to postpone the launch date of the Galaxy S21 FE due to problems with the supply of phone configurations.

Previous leaks indicated the Korean giant's plans to unveil the Galaxy S21 FE at an event in July, but the lack of phone configurations ultimately affected the phone's production process and thus the date of the official announcement.

Samsung has indicated in previous statements issued during the month of March that the lack of smartphone configurations will affect production in the next quarter.

Also, a report published via ETNews in South Korea confirmed that Samsung has already halted production of the Galaxy S21 FE due to a lack of supplies.

Samsung joins a number of manufacturers already facing production problems due to a lack of configurations or chips.

On the other hand, some expectations indicate that this shortage in semiconductors was one of the main reasons why Samsung did not launch the Galaxy Note series this year, and the launch of the medium Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 phones was delayed in some markets for the same reasons.

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