The latest leaks reveal the changes presented in the iPad mini for the year 2021

The 5G iPad mini is back in the spotlight in the latest 3D video leaks that highlight the changes introduced in this version. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicated in a report published last month that Apple's new iPad mini will come this year with the same design features as the iPad Air for the year 2020, while some other reports indicated that the 5G iPad mini will adopt the iPad Pro design for the year 2021.

The Naver blog from South Korea also referred to the next version of the iPad Mini called “iPad Mini Pro”, and the blog confirmed that this version comes with the feature of connecting to 5G networks, and it also comes with thin edges. Previous leaks indicated that the expected size of the device ranges from 8.4 inches to approximately 9 inches, and in a report from Bloomberg, “Mark Gurman” confirmed the design of the slim bezels for this version, and also indicated that with this design the home button disappears from the frame of the tablet.

Front Page Tech also published 3D images of the 5G iPad mini for the year 2021, which are based on the leaks published about the device so far, as the device appears with flat edges as in the iPhone 12 series, with a design that mimics the iPad Air 2020.

This version also comes in a longer size than the previous version, where the height of the device is 206.3 mm, compared to the previous version, which came with a height of 203.2 mm, while it comes with a width of 137.8 mm compared to 134.8 mm in the previous version.

Apple is also scheduled to integrate Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology into the main button in the side frame of the device, so the device will not support Face ID technology.

The speakers come at the bottom of the device design, which comes with an upgrade in the 5G iPad mini, this version also includes a USB C port, and Apple offers the device with three color choices, black, silver, and gold, Apple also offers a smaller Apple Pencil.

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