The Tamagotchi now becomes a smartwatch

 Now you can carry your pet on your wrist and wake it up with your voice. One of the most iconic devices of the 90s was the Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that had to be fed, cleaned, and cared for to see it grow on a small screen. The proposal was a success in the world, although it also raised alerts about a possible dependence of children on technology, which cell phones did. But hey, for some years the creators of this toy have taken advantage of nostalgia to bring it back, but with some new features. The latest model they have announced will look like a smartwatch. 

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the departure of the first Tamagotchi. Although at the time it was an innovative proposal, its operation was very basic compared to the technology to which we currently have access. In this sense, the creators have sought to modernize the toy while preserving its vintage essence. This is the case of the new model that adopts a form factor similar to a smartwatch.

Something new that this version includes is that it comes with touch and voice controls. Remember that in the past all care was done with just three buttons. Now it has the function of waking up your pet with your voice and caressing it by touching the screen. However, the technology does not go much beyond that, in terms of voice controls, do not expect it to react to various commands, this feature was only designed to wake up your Tamagotchi. Bandai , the company that designed the Tamagotchi Smart considered it to be the best since the device is still oriented to a child audience. 

Furthermore, each Tamagotchi Smart comes with new characters to care for and watch over. Additionally, Bandai will also sell separate " TamaSma " cards that will allow Smart owners to download exclusive characters and items to their portable devices. 

Other features that come with the Smart models is that it also works as a digital clock and step counter. And, based on the toy presentation video that was posted on Bandai's YouTube channel, it is also possible to listen to music on the device. All in the iconic egg shape of previous Tamagotchi devices.

The Tamagotchi Smart will go on sale in Japan in November for about $ 60, the equivalent of about 1,240 pesos. Nothing is known about an international release yet.

The new models that have arrived in Mexico 

In 2018 Tamagotchi returned to our country in a smaller version ( Chibi ) with all the characteristics that made it a legend in toys. The classic egg shape, a pixelated LCD display, and a pet that needed care, tenderness, and affection.

Months later the Tamagotchi Original was launched in Mexico, which, as in the past, showed a pet that could evolve into a different character depending on the care given to it. This version came with six different options and one surprise, it could be found in 16 different designs and now, in addition to eating, sleeping, beeping, and dying, the character could inhabit different countries, marry and reproduce.

In 2019 the Tamagotchi On appeared that also had the shape of a small egg, but with a 2.25-inch color screen with LCD technology, infrared sensor, the possibility of connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, and an app to communicate with friends and find other Tamagotchi.

With this model also came the same "Gotchi points" that were obtained based on how well the pet was cared for. And, in addition, the option to buy more rooms for pets was added. 

Finally, in 2020, to celebrate 40 years of Pac-Man, Bandai released a special version of Tamagotchi in which the classic video game character fed the virtual pet cherries, as well as caring for it and defending it from ghosts. It also included two minigames: Pac Game and Catch Game. It was available in yellow and black colors and with a Pac-Man- shaped case. 

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