What if your supplier changed the temperature on your smart thermostat?

Imagine a situation where you bought a smart thermostat at home, you have set some temperature values ​​for certain parts of the day and they suddenly change without your intervention. And at the hands of your energy supplier. Does that sound too bold and unacceptable? But in the US state of Texas, it's really happening. And behind it is the effort to save energy. The companies change the temperature on the smart thermostats of those customers who have agreed to this process within the contractual conditions.

The media in the USA report on people who, for example, took a nap and woke up in a house with several degrees of warmer air. For example, people are CPS Energy customers and, as part of special environmental programs, agree to remotely control borrowed units as part of energy savings.

The value can jump, for example, by four degrees, in rare cases during the hottest hours of the day. Companies change the temperature on smart thermostats completely legally. Even so, the customers concerned may in some cases be very surprised by what is happening at home.

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