Amazon presents 'Ziggy', the brother of Alexa for its smart devices

Although ' Alexa ' has become one of the most loved and known virtual assistants around the world to make certain tasks such as putting a song, remembering events, setting alarms or managing appliances at home easier, Amazon launched its male counterpart for users who have asked for a new voice for their smart devices.

It is about Ziggy, the new virtual assistant that joins the Amazon family to respond to the controls just like Alexa does when hearing his name through an ' Echo ' device.

Amazon responds to users

This is not the first time that Amazon has responded to user requests in the face of the urgency of a more variety of voices besides Alexa.

While Ziggy will be one of the flagship voices on its smart devices, Amazon will also feature entertainers and celebrity guests for its virtual assistants; as Melissa McCarthy, comedian, and actress, as well as Shaquille O'Nille , star, and legendary NBA player.

The company of billionaire Jeff Bezos joins this new trend, as Apple has an extensive catalog of options to replace Siri, and even Google and the Waze map platform , have dozens of options for users to decide which voice accompanies them in your daily life.

How can I use Ziggy instead of Alexa?

For now, Ziggy is only available in the United States, but this new virtual assistant is expected to arrive in Mexico and the rest of the world in the coming months, once Amazon updates its servers.

When available, you can easily make the switch; You will only have to say the command 'Alexa change your voice' so that you can hear Ziggy. If you want to hear the female version, just ask again.

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