Apple supports the iPhone 13 series with improvements in the optical zoom feature

The leaks continue to reveal the details of the specifications of the iPhone 13 series phones, which will be officially launched later this year, and the latest leaks have confirmed that Apple supports new versions with improvements in the optical zoom feature. 

Apple began preparing for mass production of the iPhone 13 series, and a Bloomberg report revealed that the tech giant raised the proportion of supply orders for phone configurations by 20% with the aim of producing up to 90 million units of iPhone 13 phones this year.

The Bloomberg report also indicated that Apple's production during the past years had been fixed at 75 million units of iPhone phones, but it was less than the specified production this year.

The report confirmed that the reason for Apple’s plans to increase production may be due to Apple’s expectation to increase sales as a result of the stability of global markets to some extent following the spread of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus, with expectations that users will move this year to upgrade to iPhone phones that also support connectivity to 5G networks.

The major upgrade this year in the iPhone 13 series comes in the new processor chip that comes with faster performance, and expectations indicate that the new versions come with improvements in the capabilities of the camera in video recording, as well as improvements in the optical zoom feature.

Apple also supports the screens in the iPhone 13 series this year with IGZO technology that supports quick response and better performance, and this year's versions are expected to come in a smaller size in the bump of the camera.

It is noteworthy that the Bloomberg report revealed that Apple developed a fingerprint sensor built into the screen, as well as a new design for the screen without the bump of the camera, provided that Apple offers these features in the iPhone phones that are launched in 2022.

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