Apple uses a feature found in Android phones to provide it in iPhone 13

It seems that Apple is preparing to borrow one of the features found in Android phones to provide it on iPhone phones, which is the feature of reverse wireless charging. The iPhone 13 could have a larger wireless charging coil, which could enable more wireless charging, and according to the leaker, the larger coil means that the surface area that can be used for wireless charging will increase.

What it will also do is make it easier for the iPhone to manage the heat generated by the component, and if wireless charging comes, this could help iPhone users charge devices like AirPods and possibly iPhones from the back of the device.

Reports indicated that the iPhone 12 series is also capable of reverse wireless charging, but Apple has disabled the feature, and it is worth noting that the reverse wireless charging feature was already a part of some Samsung and Huawei phones in the past.

And Apple has been very cautious when it comes to wireless charging technology. Back in 2017, it introduced the AirPower Base - a device capable of simultaneously charging iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. However, two years later, Apple officially announced something it rarely does. That AirPower is dead and the company will not work on it.

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