Apple Watch Series 7 will come with a bigger battery instead of adding new sensors

According to new reports, the company believes that offering a watch with long battery life is something that can push owners of old watches to upgrade to a new watch. So this will be the focus of the Apple Watch Series 7 except for the new sensors. According to Bloomberg, the 2022 Apple Watch will introduce a body temperature sensor. This feature could have been introduced with this year's release, but Apple believes the priority goes to the battery because a sensor like this would definitely require a larger battery.

The Apple S7 chip that powers the watch will switch to a more compact two-sided system in a package (SiP) design, to allow more room for the battery. The new watch will remain the same size as the current versions or maybe imperceptibly thicker.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to improve UWB support. In the coming years, Apple wants to introduce blood sugar and alcohol sensors into its watches, although those functions are still a few years away.

Also, Apple will have to balance adding new sensors while preserving battery life, as once the 2021 model finally improves on its 18-hour rating, future models can't turn back.

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