Intel regains CPU market share among Steam gamers

Steam's June monthly statistics show a recovery for Intel in hardware market share among gamers. This is the first time in the year that Intel has managed to recover part of its hardware market share in Steam, given the increase in participation that AMD was having in the first months of 2021.

According to Mercury Research, in the first quarter of 2021, Intel had also gained ground. However, most of Intel's revenue is generated by those low-cost Celeron and Pentium processors and the Intel Core i3 and i5

AMD's low-end market is not being so profitable at the moment due to the shortage of CPUs. Instead, the high-end market is the one that is offering the greatest benefits for the company. In this respect, Intel has an advantage over AMD, which uses its own factories to produce its chips. Instead, AMD relies on semiconductor maker TSMC, which shares its work with other companies.

Most of Intel's recovery has been achieved with CPUs between 2.7-2.99 GHz, which are largely thanks to the i5-11150 non-K, 11600, and 11700 processors.

In the graphics card segment, statistics show that sales of the RTX 30 series appear to be improving alongside falling prices. Currently, the most used by Steam gamers are the RTX 2060, GTX 1060, RTX 3060, and RTX 3070 models, which also include the laptop versions. AMD RDNA graphics cards are not present in the top 20 most used by Steam gamers. The most interesting and the one that has had an increase in the offer is the RX 6700 XT, but it is not enough to be on the Steam list.

It is true that the 11th generation Intel Core processors are presented as a very interesting option due to their performance for gaming and their competitive prices. Instead, AMD is suffering from a shortage of its Ryzen 5000 series, which does not allow them to be as competitively priced as in other eras.

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