iPhone 14: It is expected to reinforce it with titanium alloy

We still do not have the iPhone 13 on the market, but Apple is already thinking about its proposal for 2022. Apple plans to make the iPhone 14, scheduled for next year, the most resistant with a titanium alloy body, a material that would be present in at least the Pro model and that will be accompanied by more important novelties than those that iPhone will bring 13.

In a note shared with investors, which Apple Insider has had access to, JP Morgan has shared Apple's plans for the 2022 cell phone, iPhone 14. This smartphone will incorporate a titanium alloy body for the first time.

Titanium apple

Titanium has already been used in other products of the technology company, such as the Apple Watch or the Apple Card bank card. In order to take advantage of the strength of titanium, it must be part of an alloy, but it is a material that offers an unattractive aesthetic finish and is prone to showing fingerprints.

Apple is expected to solve these design problems with the new chassis, and to incorporate more prominent developments in the iPhone 14 than those it will introduce this year in the iPhone 13 family, according to the JP Morgan note.

The forecast agrees with those of the analyst to Ming-Chi Kuo, who affirms that next year there will not be a mini model but four iPhone models, two of 6.1 inches and two of 6.7 inches.

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