Leaked images of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 case reveal support for the S Pen

Leaked images of the official Galaxy Z Fold 3 case appeared on the Internet, revealing that the new foldable smartphone will have support for the S Pen. These images were first published by 91Mobile, so all the previous rumors and reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature S Pen support were indeed true.

Looking at the images of this case, we can see that Samsung is planning to create a case with a slot to store the stylus, although the company has not officially confirmed anything about S Pen support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The photos of the case reveal the design of the S Pen slot in the smartphone, the case will cover the backside of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and will extend towards the front with an open foldable cover to protect the external screen as well.

The S Pen slot is located directly above the hinge mechanism on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In other words, the S Pen slot also protects the smartphone hinge. Moreover, the holder also appears to be made of hard material with a soft touch to make it easier for users to remove the pen or return it to the case.

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