Maimang 10 SE launch date confirmed

In November 2020, Huawei announced that Honor is no longer a sub-brand of it, as it will continue to operate independently. Fresh information reveals that Huawei may have given away its Maimang line of smartphones to China Telecom. The reason is that China Telecom recently confirmed that it will launch the Maimang 10 SE at 14:30 on July 19 in China. There are no Huawei brands on the launch date poster, which suggests that Huawei will not manufacture or sell the device.

Last year, Huawei announced the Maimang 9 smartphone in July. At that time, research and development, production and marketing of the device were carried out by Huawei. The Maimang 9 phone had the Huawei logo. Since Huawei is not mentioned in the promotional poster, it is unclear if the device is involved in its production. Since China Telecom does not have a mobile phone factory, it likely worked with ODM to create the Maimang 10 SE.

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