More than a million Redmi Power Banks sold since launch in India

Redmi, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, launched the Redmi Power Bank in China in June 2019. Eight months later, this power accessory finally made it to Indian shores in February 2020. Almost a year and a half since its debut in China. country, the product has become a milestone in the region. More than a million Redmi Power Banks sold since launch in India

According to Redmi India's official Twitter account, the brand has managed to sell over a million units of Redmi Power Banks in India since its launch. For those who don't know, this battery comes in two flavors (10,000mAh, 20,000mAh) and they are slightly cheaper than Mi Power Banks.

The Redmi Power Bank 10,000mAh and Redmi Power Bank 20,000mAh are currently priced at £ 799 and £ 1499 respectively. Interestingly, they are still selling at the starting price even more than a year later. They can be purchased in white or black.

Redmi Power Banks are collected in India, just like Mi Power Banks. In November 2020, Xiaomi announced that it has sold over 10 million Mi Power Banks made in India to date.

Usually, when Xiaomi announces some kind of achievement for a product, it releases a successor to that product. Hence, there is a chance that the company could announce new Redmi Power Bank models in the coming days.

Redmi hasn't released any new Power Banks other than the original models in China. Hence, if Xiaomi is going to introduce a new one in India, it could be an updated version of one of the many Mi Power Banks sold in China.

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