New details about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera with a bottom-screen design

Leaks continue about the upcoming Samsung version of the foldable phones Galaxy Z Fold 3, and in the latest leaks, more details came about the selfie camera in the distinctive screen with a design at the bottom of the screen. Samsung is preparing to enter the competition for the camera design at the bottom of the screen, as it introduces the technology for the first time in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

ZTE has already introduced the Axon 20 5G to the market, and the Chinese giant has begun working on the development of the second generation of technology to be introduced to the market soon in the Axon 30 5G.

On the other hand, smartphone manufacturers are competing to develop the design of the camera at the bottom of the screen to come with a design that is veiled in the screen with the best standards in imaging quality, but the latest leaks confirm that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will not come with a completely obscured design for the camera in the screen, as the screen appears Circular design at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung’s technology for the camera under the screen differs from what ZTE presented, which was confirmed by new leaks published via the Ice universe, while the ZTE camera was distinguished by a square design at the bottom of the screen, Samsung presents the camera with a circular design.

The leaks showed more details about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 cameras, as the rear camera settings for the phone do not include periscope lenses, so the settings will be limited to telephoto lenses, and the phone also includes triple camera settings similar to the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus phones.

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