New details about the Galaxy Z Fold3 foldable phone

A new generation of Samsung foldable phones will be launched next month, and today the latest leaks reveal new details about the specifications of the Galaxy Z Fold3 phone. The latest leaks published in India today revealed new details about the specifications of the camera, processor, and storage capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 foldable phone.

Before the launch of the upcoming Samsung event in August to reveal the new generation of foldable phones, new leaks came today to clarify more details about this version, which is launched according to the leaks that came today with the Snapdragon 888 processor chip.

The phone also has a storage capacity of 512 GB, and the phone also comes with triple settings for the 12-megapixel rear camera, which includes a wide-angle camera, another with ultra-wide viewing angles, and a telephoto camera.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 also comes with a 16-megapixel camera in the internal screen with a camera technology at the bottom of the screen, while a 10-megapixel camera comes in the external screen.

On the other hand, today's leaks indicated that Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Z Fold3 phone in an event to be held in the second week of August, while the phone will launch to the UK and US markets at the end of August.

It is reported that the main internal screen in the Galaxy Z Fold3 features a size of 7.55 inches, while the secondary screen comes in a size of 6.23 inches, and this year the phone supports the S Pen.

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