Nintendo Switch OLED launches on October 8 for 350 euros

After being rumored for months, Nintendo has announced its new Switch OLED model, which has a new 7-inch screen with an OLED panel. Nintendo Switch OLED is now official, although it is not the most powerful 'Pro' version that many expected, it is a model that solves some of the most important claims of the original model, such as a better quality screen, larger and other sections that have to do with the dock.

The 7-inch OLED panel has a 1280 × 720 resolution, the same as the original model, but the size is larger and with smaller black bezels. The larger screen size increases the weight to 422g from 400g of the original model. However, the size of the console remains the same.

The console stand is now adjustable and the base has a port for connecting to the Internet via a LAN cable. The storage size has also been increased to about 64GB internal. Nintendo has also improved the built-in speakers for a more punchy sound in its portable mode.

This model does not support the rumored 4K resolution nor will it support Nvidia's DLSS technology. This means that the Nvidia SoC chip would be exactly the same as the original model.

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