NVIDIA RTX 30 Super for gaming laptops to debut next year

It has been leaked that NVIDIA would already be working on RTX 30 Super graphics cards for gaming laptops. The leak indicates that NVIDIA could introduce them in early 2022 and starting to see gaming laptops on the market soon after.

Rumors to date indicate that until 2022 we will not see a new NVIDIA graphics architecture. It seems that the new NVIDIA Lovelace GPUs will not be released until next year. These rumors further indicate a revision of the Ampere architecture without a name change. The revision could happen to add the identifier «Super» to your graphics cards, improving the amount of CUDA Cores, RT Cores, and Tensor Cores.

Who has leaked the information of the RTX 30 Super Mobile for next year is the Twitter user @ greymon55. It is not the first time such a rumor has appeared, we have already seen a leak from Lenovo.

Last month an apparent Lenovo Roadmap was leaked showing a ThinkPad X1 Extreme G4 gaming laptop with NVIDIA RTX 30 Supergraphics. We can see that this gaming laptop would use an RTX 3070 Super and an RTX 3080 Super. We are talking about two GPUs that are not currently available and that have not been officially presented.

The specifications of the new RTX 30 Super at the moment are totally unknown. Yes, the Lenovo leak indicates the amount of VRAM memory, but changes could be made. The RTX 3070 Super would have 8GB GDDR6 and the RTX 3080 Super would have 16GB GDDR6, specifications that could vary.

We add to these rumors a GA103 GPU, which was leaked by Twitter user @ kopite7kimi. The existence of this GPU is uncertain since the 'kopite' itself has indicated that it could have been canceled. It could be that this GPU finally exists and serves to give way to some RTX 30 Super. The GA103 GPU could be exclusive to the laptop segment.

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